Our story

History of Hikayat


Hikayat was born from my deep desire to transmit and share my culture with my daughter, and you.
I was born and raised in Lebanon before moving to France.
I had the chance to evolve and flourish in these two cultures; these two influences shaped my identity and gave me a new perspective on the world. Thanks to my experience, I discovered the richness and beauty of belonging to two cultures at the same time.
When my daughter was born, I naturally spoke to her in my mother tongue, Arabic. I find pleasure in helping her discover the subtleties of this language and their essence as well as all the treasures linked to it: nursery rhymes, books and tales. I wish to offer her an opening to Arabic-speaking cultures and the cultural richness that results from their diversity.
Learning a new language makes it possible to discover a whole new culture, a new way of functioning and thinking.
Hikayat offers a unique educational experience that encourages children to embrace their cultural identity while developing their language skills.